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What is Ecology and How Does It Affect You?

What is ecology and how does it affect you? Simply put, ecology is the term for the scientific studies that are done on the earth and everything that affects it. This includes wildlife, humanity, nature and in some cases environmental issues. These studies are done from a variety of different viewpoints and by using many different techniques. Ecology covers a broad area of studies and research that provides information on how organisms interact and affect each other and the chemical and physical environment of each.

When you ask different people the question “what is ecology” you could get many different answers. This is because ecology is such a broad area to cover. You may be told that it is the study of humanity and its impact on the earth or that it is the evolution of the human race. Evolution is the result of environmental changes over time and it has an impact on every living creature.

Ecology is the study of the global patterns that occur within the boundaries of the biosphere and that is the answer that you will get from many scientist when you ask, what is ecology? Still yet another scientist would answer the question “what is ecology” by saying it is the study of wildlife and organism and their effects on the environment. All of these answers are correct because ecology is a huge subject that can’t be narrowed down to just a few topics.

Having an understanding of ecology is critical to the survival of the human species. With populations increasing and natural resources running thin, the more we learn the better we will be able to make the changes needed to preserve the natural resources for the generations of the future.

Studying ecology requires many experiments that are conducted in laboratories and out in the field. These experinments help scientist to learn about the environment, natural resources and more. The importance of ecology has grown enormously just over the last few years and will surely continue to grow in the future.

So what is ecology? You might say it is the answer to many problems that now face the environment due to all the changes that have taken place over the centuries. Ecology analyzes each element of the ecosystem and everything it consists of. It teaches how all living things, no matter how large or small, affects everything else in the world.

To find the answers needed to the many problems humanity now faces and to ensure the future of generations to come, the study of ecology is imperative. There is so much to be learned from the environment and every creature that inhabitants the earth.

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