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Studying Forest Ecology

The forest ecology is an amazing thing. Not only is the world inside a forest completely different from any other, but it is a fragile one as well. As soon as man starts moving through the forest, he makes changes to the layout and to the ecosystem as a whole. For this reason, if you will be studying forest ecology, be sure to be as unnoticed as possible. Leave behind nothing that was not already there and preserve everything you come into contact with. After all, this is an ecosystem filled with living organisms, both small and large.

The study of forest ecology is complex. It studies the structure of the forest as well as how it grows and functions as an ecosystem. One of the most important areas of study is the canopy portion of forests considered deciduous. Many scientists believe that the structure of the canopy will determine and influence the way forests work. The work of these scientists is quite important, especially since many forests and surrounding environments have been destroyed due to problem such as deforestation. As people work to improve the forest area, it becomes increasingly important to understand why, how and what can be done to improve the situation.

The human effect on forest ecology is quite profound. While you could make a case for the destruction that may causes by simply walking into the forest, there is much worse done. Some of the common problems in local forests, national forest and even much larger forests include these:

• Small, local forests are important to the local environment yet many are overrun with litter and debris. This causes a breakdown in the ecosystem and often leads to potential long term effects on the living environment.

• Ecotourism has hurt many of the larger forests. Even national forests that are well protected have changed considerably due to the tourism of people. Tourism changes the landscape and often destroys part of the ecosystem in the process.

• Deforestation is a large problem in many areas of the country. The search for wood is detrimental to the livelihood of the forest. Often times, when forests are wiped out due to foresting, they are not replanted, which destroys an entire habitat for animals and microorganisms.

Forest ecology is an important topic. Since trees are a natural beauty and they provide support for the larger ecosystem contained under their canopy, it is very harsh to believe that these forests are unimportant. What is important is having protection and special care to better save these forests for generations to come.

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