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Social, Economics and Ecology Sustainability All Work Together

The study of social, economics and ecology sustainability all work together to create a better future for tomorrow. Natural resources are dwindling away at a very scary rate. There is no way to stop using the recourses of the earth because society has grown too dependant on them. The world would basically shut down and recess back into the dark ages. However, with knowledge and understanding society can reduce the energy used. This would slow down the deterioration process and help future generations.

Scientists are using social, economics and ecology sustainability to create a plan or pattern that humanity can use to meet their needs now while still preserving the environment for the future in the process. They can create a sustainable system by linking together social, economics and ecology sustainability development with each other. This will help scientists determine how everything works together for the common good of humanity so alternative solutions can be derived.

Scientists have learned that ignorance of the connection between social, economics and ecology sustainability is one of the reasons for the problems society now faces. For example, when cars and factories were first designed humanity only thought of the modern advances these inventions created and not the impact they would have on the earth itself. As a result, society now faces pollution, global warming and many other problems due to this advancement in technology.

Social sustainability is referring to the way human beings make choices in their life that has a direct affect on the other people around them. It is believed that by enhancing social interaction it can bridge the gap of different cultures and help to protect the vulnerable. It is related to things like freedom, happiness and dignity. It also relates to businesses and how they interact with investors, suppliers, local dealers and communities and businesses located overseas.

It is believed by many that some of the ecology problems facing the world today are the direct result of social misconceptions and problems. Therefore, the study of social ecology can help to improve relationships and find solutions to the existing problems the world faces.

Economics is the tern used for social science studies that learn about the production and consumption of foods, goods and services. It has always been viewed separately from ecology but this is changing. New understanding of the earth and its natural resources has proven they go hand in hand. Economics and ecology should be studied together to find new solutions to old problems.

As the earth’s natural resources are being used up for the benefit and advancement of today’s society, the future generations are facing serious problems that can’t be ignored. Solutions to the dwindling resources must be dealt with now. The best way to do that is through studies and knowledge dealing with the connection between social, economics and ecology sustainability.

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