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Population Ecology: It May Be More Vital Than You Imagined

What is population ecology? Population ecology is the studies that are being conducted surrounding the structure and the dynamics of different types of populations. It is the study of different species and how these populations interact with their surroundings. This study helps scientists discover answers to some of the many problems facing the world today. It helps to predict the outcome of the future if certain actions are not changed in some way.

When you think about population ecology the first thing that probably comes to mind is the human race but there are many other populations in the world that is as important and that have a direct effect on the human population. Many people tend to overlook these but scientists know how important they are to the future of the world. The very survival of the human race may be dependant on the population of other species found on the earth.

Many plant and animal life have become extinct over the decades and scientists are still trying to determine what the long term effect of this will have on the earth in the future. Even more are on the verge of extinction due to the pollutants man has put in the air and water supply. Land has been taken away from the animals which destroys their homes and food supply. These loses could have a devastating effect on the earth in the near future.

All species are here for a reason and when one of them dies out it upsets the natural balance of the earth. It causes problems that haven’t even been determined yet but the study of population ecology can help to determine the earth’s path if the current lifestyles of mankind continues to strip the world of its natural resources. These studies help scientists to predict what a specific species rate of survival would be when their natural habitat is changed or when they are moved from their original home to national parks. Some animals can adapt to these changes but others cannot.

Negative results are already being seen with global warming and water shortages due to environmental changes. Only the study of ecology can help to determine what other effects the world may be facing. At this time the world is looking at the near extinction of the honey bee. They may seem like a small insignificant creature that can be very annoying at times. However, they are so much more than that. The honey bee is a pollinator and their disappearance could have a dramatic effect on the earth’s food supply if they indeed become extinct.

Population ecology has shown that all species interact with each other and depend on the other for survival. Society needs the animals that roam the forest and the fish that swim in the oceans. Even the annoying insect has a purpose and helps to shape the future generations of the earth. You can see why the study of population ecology is so important. Without it, the world wouldn’t know how dependant each species is on another and how vulnerable they are alone.

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