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Ecology Projects: Teaching Through Projects

Ecology projects are a fantastic way to teach environmental protection topics to children, of all ages. Projects like this are not just for Earth Day celebrations, but for all sorts of events, including just a simple science class. As you consider how to teach a concept to a child, whether at school or in your home, be sure to consider the types of projects that will most show the topic based on the age of the child. The more interesting and hands on the project is for the child, the better off they will be in learning the concept.

What are some of the ecology projects that you can do? There are actually many. You may want to consider these those that have to do with improving the environment of local animal habitats for older students. Your ecology projects could be any of these:

• Cleaning up a park or forested area and removing any and all signs of humans from it

• Using bird feeders and other animal feeders to give back to animals who have lost some of their food supplies.

• Cleaning up streams and rivers where animals come to get a drink.

You may want to work with elementary students on ecology projects as well. Here, you will need to give them projects that they can see results from and they can do on their own. Consider these.

• Start a recycling program at school for soda cans where students can then take them one time a month to the local recycling facility. Some fire stations collect soda cans to raise money for burned children.

• Give them a project that involves improving something in their home, such as counting the number of lights they turn off in a day.

• Give them options for ecology projects and allow them to pick one that is right for their families. Then, have them reported what their family did to improve the environment around them.

When giving ecology projects to children, it is often important to consider cost and time factors. For example, you may want to start a project early in the year and watch it flourish throughout the school year. Also, if you are a homeschooling parent or a parent just looking for a way to give your child a few extra lessons, then reach out through a project. People benefit from these projects because of how vital they are to the well being of the planet. When it comes down to it, you’ll want to find a range of ecology projects to choose from so that the right one for your group of children can be selected.

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