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Definition of Ecology and Why It Is Important

The definition of ecology can be described as the science that studies the relationship that exists between organisms and the environment they live in. Every organism affects the environment and scientists need to learn all they can about all life forms to benefit the world in a positive way. The definition of ecology is often referred to as bionomics when it involves organisms and the environment.

The definition of ecology is also called “human ecology” which is the study of human beings and how they impact the earth. This involves everything from their social status to their physical conditions and the environment they live in. These studies also involve how society has greatly reduced the amount of natural resources and how this will have a drastic effect on future generations. The more that is learned about human ecology the easier it will be to come up with solutions to the problems that now exist.

Through the years humanity has learned that being eco friendly is vital to future generations. Today’s society must pay more attention to conserving the natural resources or there will be nothing left for your grand children or their children. By learning the definition of ecology, you are learning how everything the human race does has an effect on the environment. So far, most of these effects have been bad and took its toil on the earth.

Ecology is the term used to describe all the systems that hold the planet together. It can involve the marine animals living in the ocean, insects and how they contribute to the environment, the effects of the human population and so much more. Everything has an impact on the earth and its resources. The question is what society can do as a whole and as individuals to help protect and preserve the natural resources that are imperative to the survival of the human race. Use of this knowledge can only aid in our progress and survival. The study of ecology helps to answer this question.

Ecology covers a broad area that in some way involves every life form on the planet and the environment in which they live. The next time someone wants to know the definition of ecology the best way to answer is by saying, it is the study of all living things and the effects they have on the environment. It is a method to help scientists learn what steps to take to ensure future generations have a chance to enjoy all the wonderful and natural things this earth has to offer.

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