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Community Ecology: Understanding It

Community ecology is a type of ecology. Perhaps one of the most interesting forms of ecology, community ecology studies the abundance, demography, and the distribution between populations that are coexisting in the same area. By studying and understanding the interaction with each other and the effect on the environment for each, it becomes evident that two species do have an effect on each other. The way that these populations interact with each other is what ecologists are looking into.

Community ecology studies a wide selection of aspects of the interaction between the populations. This includes:

• Studying the predator and prey population situation between the populations

•Understanding the productivity and food web structure of the two populations (or more)

• Understanding why one species does better than others

• Succession is studied

• And community assembly is studied

Why do scientists need to study community ecology? There are actually many reasons, but one aspect that many are turning to in recent months is to better understand how one population’s actions related to the other. This can be blown up significantly when you consider all that humans do to populations around them. The effect that humans have on the environment, including the wide range of animal species they come into contact with is remarkable, and worrisome. By better understanding the relationship between humans and animals, and the environment, it is the hope that repairs can be done to fix the damage done, or at least methods to slow the progression of these problems.

Community ecology is an ideal way to learn about animals and how they effect their own environment. Do they need more than is available to them as natural resources? How do they distribute food that is available? Understanding the way that they eat, live and use the recourses of the plant will help people to see how they too can make better decisions to protect the plant.

Those that study community ecology will spend years training for it. Understanding and loving animal life is an important qualification here. In the latest studies, much of the focus of community ecology has been on finding improvements to the environment. The more expansive studies are and the more thorough the understanding is of this effect, the better people can make changes to reach the common goals of a healthy and strong environment. Since humans play such a large role in the health and well-being of the rest of the planet’s animals, it is essential to understand what can be done and should be done to improve the situation.

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